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"Reckoning" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - September 22, 2017

Received via email at 7:42 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles John McCain is using the life and death health of the American peo...

Friday, September 22, 2017

"The Dam's Already Broken!" - Cowboy Down Under - 9.22.17

Entry Submitted by Cowboy Down Under at 11:13 PM EDT on September 22, 2017

There are a few Intel providers and messengers here in the IDC world that you can count on to never change, Gary Larrabee will always be Gary, Kent Dunn will always be Kent, Dr. WC will always be Dr. WC, Tank will always be The Tank, RayRen will always be Ray, Patrick will always be the hardest worker in the bunch, Heis will always keep a seat open at Patty's Pub and Philip Tilton will always be an Outlaw. I reached out today to 7 amazing and very wealthy souls to ask them to come to because we are filling up with so many stories of people in need. Amy got most of her electric bill paid. She only needs another $100 to keep the lights on, Chef Al and Donna need a little bit more help to keep their journey moving and a couple of new projects just came in where they only need a little boost to keep their dreams going. So, I am hoping that help is on the way because any one of these amazing people can change many of their lives with what is pocket change to them.

I have been thinking lately about all the people who have been in the trenches fighting for so long for all of us, all of the organizations that have been trying to change the world as we know it, like Lynne Twist and the Pachamama Alliance/the Hunger Project and Cynthia Kersey of the Unstoppable Foundation and all the other amazing causes that have for many, many years been trying to help the world get better. They have not waited for the RV/GCR to help the world. They are doing it NOW! Every day people step up to the plate and hit a home run and almost no one sees it. Well Family, it's time to step up to the plate and hit a homerun. Philip Tilton's home has been hit hard by the hurricane that went through Puerto Rico. Bluwolf found out he is alright, but needs our help. His wifes sister Debbie started a GoFundMe campaign to help him and his family out at Grace and I have been watching the news and the devistation is unbleivable and they are saying the electricticy may not be back on for up to 6 months. Please, please do what you can and donate to his cause It's time to bring the Outlaw and his family home. We have put it up on Fund With Love and we are hoping tonight an Angel stops into the room and leaves a big gift to help those that have helped us. Praying for all those in need and I know God is Listening.

With Love for all

Cowboy Ziggy & Grace

He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother!

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Fri. Evening - 9.22.17

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"Create your Day"

Entry Submitted by Mobius at 9:24 PM EDT on September 22, 2017


This is something to ponder.

You want to bring this RV in, take time to listen to a more universal view than the guilt, judgement we hear about egoistic doctrine where you will end up, alone, by yourself, if you don't do as some say.

Love yourself a little more each day, you have all the time in world.

How To Create Your Day Ramtha

It's up to you and no one else. Blessings.


"Re: Pushing Hands"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:38 PM EDT on September 22, 2017

Whoa... !!


(read the RED)...

"Pushing Hands" - Message from TANK 9-22-17

I AM...

(P.S. - can you feel the Chinese CHEERING??)

"Re: Reckoning, I Stand for Humanity" by (Anonymous) - 9.22.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:52 PM EDT on September 22, 2017

"Reckoning" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - September 22, 2017

Dear Elders, NPTB:

In case it somehow matters that at least one stand and speak plainly, hear me (and of course, chalk me).

If Yosef is right …

Those of us who are aware of the truth behind the politics of the world are disgusted enough to vomit. McCain, Congress, Trump, Clinton, Netanyahu, Israel, Healthcare, Tax Code, Infrastructure, Pay for Influence, GESARA – all blocked by pure corruption. Those of us who are aware would welcome and support a Constitutional Republic Government to return the united States to its role as an honorable and noble Nation State (one of 209) that stands in integrity and transparency.

We (at least some of us) understand the need for Martial Law to reclaim control of a nation stolen by subterfuge so many years ago. We (at least some of us) welcome the return of a true US Treasury and the real financial vehicle of the USN (verses the Satanic USD, Fiat Currency). We stand with you. We ask for open, transparent, very public communication. We ask for public and televised arrests, especially of top Congress, Government, Business and Banking Cabal members. We ask the Republic step forward into the light of day. Enough is enough. We ask for a government we can truly be proud of for a change.

Finally, I am but one man. However, I was in Irma and I have friends in Puerto Rico. I have pledged One Trillion Dollars to Florida, Texas and the Caribbean (at a minimum and over the next twenty years – it will take time). I reaffirm that pledge. Change the world. Release these funds. Expose and arrest the Cabal. We stand with you.

So, one at least, has stood and spoke plainly, and was counted and chalked.

Thank you.

"Learning to Share" by TM - 9.22.17

Entry Submitted by TM at 9:41 PM EDT on September 22, 2017











Stay calm and Be happy


"Yo Yosef!" by Onward! - 9.22.17

Entry Submitted by Onward! at 9:28 PM EDT on September 22, 2017

I got it .... not buying a Bentley or ordering a case of wine. The first thing we need from Human Angels or some one known to HAS is a list of vetted charities to whom we can donate ... no more rip-off charities. No more getting rich on the backs of others' suffering!!!

I have read your posts regarding the test and burden of this Blessing. And I get it, but isn't the greater burden not being able to help? To see the suffering and burden placed on us all by the Cabal and recognize that however we try to alleviate that suffering that it always falls short?

Yes, I know that I don't yet stand in the place of responsibility to spread the help and relief and freedom that will come from this Blessing, but I look forward to it with joy.

I don't expect that it will be easy. I expect there will be hurdles and challenges unimaginable. And I'm sure my team and I will make mistakes, mistakes made with the best of open-hearted intention. And we will learn as will we all. And together we can do this.

Thank you,

"Loud and Clear" - BLC News Discussion w/ Tlm724 9-22-17

Bond Lady's Corner

Tlm724: Barzani: We have reached the conviction that we can not live with Baghdad Suspect Friday 22 September

Barzani: We have reached the conviction that we can not live with Baghdad


tlm724: ADMIN: 2017-09-22 BY SOTALIRAQ

Kurdistan officially announces the referendum on independence and send a delegation to Baghdad

The Supreme Council for the Referendum in the Kurdistan Region announced the holding of the referendum on independence on the 25th of this month

"We have not yet received the appropriate alternative to the referendum," a statement said after a council meeting on Thursday. So the process will be conducted on time without any delay. "

"All doors are open and in all ways to dialogue with Baghdad. A delegation will be sent to it from the Supreme Council for the referendum on Saturday 23-9. "

The Council decided that its secretariat would publish its reports on the draft rights of components and declaration of the general principles of the independent Kurdistan before September 25, 2017.

The United Nations offered to the President of the Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani to abandon the referendum on the independence of the Territory, in exchange for helping to reach a comprehensive agreement on the future relations between Baghdad And Erbil.

According to the document presented by the UN envoy to Iraq, Jan Kubic, last Thursday, the proposal calls for the immediate start of the Iraqi government and the government of the government to "organized negotiations, intensive, intensive ... without preconditions and an open agenda on ways to solve all problems, And arrangements that will determine future relations and cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil. "

blcd1: What does this possibly mean for Dinar holders?

Tlm724: Please see my notes here :

Tlm724: Iran: Kurdistan referendum rejected

Political Since 2017-09-16 at 16:12 (Baghdad time)

Follow - Mawazine News
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ali Akbar Velayati, said on Saturday that the Islamic Republic of Iran rejects a referendum on Iraq's Kurdistan region and supports what the Iraqi government wants.

"The Iraqi people want a united country," he told reporters on the sidelines of his press conference to conduct a complex operation, according to the Iranian news agency Fars. "The referendum is opposed by the Iraqi government and the majority of the Kurdish people, "Any move, consciously or unconsciously, to separate part of Iraq or any country in the region is rejected by the Islamic Republic of Iran."

"Iran is a strategic ally of Iraq and we support all that the Iraqi government wants and we oppose everything that this government opposes," Velayati said, warning that "the division of countries and the separation of nationalities if started in this region will not end."

He added that "the separation of the various nationalities in the region will be in the interests of the colonizers and arrogance, especially the American administration and the Zionist entity.

Therefore, we reject any national separatist movement in the countries of the region, including Syria, Iraq, Turkey or Iran, because this matter contradicts the views of the majority of the peoples of the region "" The separatist movements of the various nationalities in the countries of the region undermine security, and we reject this. "

The Kurdistan regional authorities plan to hold a referendum on secession on the 25th of this month, amid the rejection of local, regional and international.

The Council of Representatives of Iraq voted on Tuesday (12 September 2017) to reject the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan region and to compel the government to take all measures to preserve the unity of Iraq. The Council of Ministers of the Arab League issued on Wednesday 13 September 2017, An Arab decision unanimously to reject the referendum because of its illegality and its opposition to the Iraqi constitution

tlm724: Iran has made it's objections loud and clear, it's powerful stuff. We will see what happens as Sept 25th nears ... as investers we don't want this referendum to go forward. It will set things back in Iraq ! We need them to concentrate on economic reform and policy not all this BS Wink

tlm724: Iran threatens to close its borders with Kurdistan in the event of a referendum

17/09/2017 02:26 Trend Press / Continue
The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Admiral Ali Shamkhani, on Sunday, the cancellation of security and military agreements with Kurdistan and the closure of all border crossings with the region in the event of a referendum.

Shamkhani said in a press statement, followed by "Trend Press" that the security and military agreements will be canceled in the event of the Kurdistan region to secede from Iraq.

Pointing out that Iran will work within the framework of securing their common border, to re-examine the way to deal with the presence and movements of terrorist elements in Iraqi Kurdistan and will provide steps completely different from the steps taken previously.

Shamkhani added that the opportunity is still available to officials of Iraqi Kurdistan to respond to good initiatives aimed at securing the interests of the Kurdish people and the State of Iraq and to prevent the establishment of currents threaten security in the region.

Stressing that the referendum is to close all border crossings with Iran.

tlm724: Shamkhani: Military and security agreements between Iran and Kurdistan will be considered null and void in case of separation of territory from Iraq

Editorial date: 2017/9/17 14:11 • 223 times read
(International: Al Furat News) warned the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani that the military and security agreements concluded between Iran and the Kurdistan region will be considered null in the case of separation of territory from Iraq, stressing that the referendum will not secure the interests of the Kurdistan region.

​ The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council said in a press statement that the referendum would be "a new and destabilizing threat to the Kurdistan region."

"In the circumstances in which Iraq is close to the efforts and sacrifices of its people, including Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen, from the final stage to purge its territory of the existence of the terrorists, this action lacks legal grounds as well, and certainly will have security implications for the region and Iraq, especially the Kurdistan region."

Shamkhani pointed out that "the decisive role of the Kurds in the Iraqi government, and the need to continue to take advantage of this possibility in the course of strengthening the security, economic and political structures in the Kurdistan region," adding: "The trends of Iraq's neighboring countries opposed to the referendum in the region will lead to the creation of complex conditions For Kurdistan after the referendum. "

"Iran certainly recognizes only one government and a federation in Iraq," the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council said. He said that "any violation of this strategic principle will lead to serious reconsideration and change in the course of cooperation between Iran and the Kurdistan region."

GoldFish Report No. 133 - Exo/Geo-political Round Table w/ Cobra, Fulford, and Kauilapele

Published on Sep 22, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 133 - Hosts Louisa and Steve welcome COBRA, Benjamin Fulford and Kauilapele for An Exo/Geo Politics Round Table: Uniting the Light- Planetary Situation. This intriguing exchange includes discussion about the current status of the power players on the world stage and the real cause for the delay in the transition of the financial system and planetary liberation overall. Kauilapele describes his mission work and the energetic changes and transition we are all experiencing and clearing. Benjamin provides his unique insider and journalistic perspective to issues in the USA, North Korea, Japan, Vatican, Dragons, financial insight and more and COBRA bridges those two worlds together in a unique and eloquent way through the efforts of the Resistance Movement and Secret Space Program efforts that are working toward Planetary liberation and resolution of this current hostage status on earth. COBRA also discusses the major solar and weather events that are happening on earth, and they ultimately represent, and much more. They all end with messages of positive change and hope for humanity.


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