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Featured Post

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 24, 2017

Operation Disclosure RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - July 24, 2017 Sunday - UST given release authori...

Monday, July 24, 2017

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 24, 2017

Operation Disclosure



- UST given release authorization by AIIB/HSBC.

- Banks, paymasters and groups now wait worldwide for UST to activate USN and begin global RV this week.

- Start time now on Republic leadership political and military.

- Trump public resignation, administration termination and removal protocol all negotiated.


- Robo calls teed up with 800#s & redemption instructions.

"Say It" - RV Obscurity - Monday - July 24, 2017

Submitted by your friendly neighborhood Intel provider. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"Narrow" - RV Conundrum - Monday - July 24, 2017

Submitted by your friendly neighborhood Intel provider. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"To proceed very far through the desert, you must be willing to meet existential suffering and work it through. In order to do this, the attitude toward pain has to change. This happens when we accept the fact that everything that happens to us has been designed for our spiritual growth."

M. Scott Peck

"The Road to Rome" - Fulford Report - 7.24.17

Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

The road to Rome leads through Mecca and Jerusalem

By benjamin

The rogue states of Saudi Arabia and Israel are under massive attack from a Russian, Chinese, Pentagon and Iranian alliance and will have no choice but to surrender. It is only a question now of when, not if. When these rogue regimes surrender, their leadership is going to be forced to expose who gives them their orders and they will point to Rome and the black sun worshippers at the P2 freemason lodge. These are the self-appointed social engineers behind most of the world’s troubles. Once they are exposed, it will be game over and a world revolution leading to world peace will take place.

The P2 Freemason leaders who are behind such acts of terror as 911 and Fukushima are sick with worry these days because they can see a dragnet closing in on them from all sides. This writer’s verified claims about their involvement in these horrors, for example, are now going viral.

The lawsuits against Saudi Arabia by the families of the victims of 911 are one key source of worry. That is because the lawsuits will inevitably lead to the secret Western controllers of Saudi Arabia. In the UK, for example, the Labour Party, that is poised to seize power, has joined the 911 victim’s families in demanding that the UK government release its secret report on Saudi Arabian funding of terror groups. The government of Prime Minister Theresa May says they cannot make this information public “for national security reasons.”

What they really mean is that exposing Saudi Arabia’s involvement would expose the involvement of people like former Prime Minister Tony Blair in 911. Since Blair went to former pope maledict (Pope Benedict XVI) for protection after he lost power, you can be sure the trail from Blair leads to Rome.

Then we have Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif being quoted in English language media as saying that 94% of world terrorism can be traced to Saudi Arabia.

Once again, if you look behind Saudi Arabia and its pseudo-Muslim Satan worshipping ruling family, you will find the P2 and their black sun.

Now, the US military has allowed the Iranians and Russians to deploy along the border between Syria and Israel as well as along the Saudi Arabian border, causing the Israelis to freak out.

The US military is now concentrating its military in the Middle East on annihilating Daesh, which is an Israeli and Saudi Arabian front. So the US military is de facto in an alliance with Iran and Russia against Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Now Turkey has made public the locations of US bases in Syria even as its buys Russian s-400 missile defenses. Pentagon sources say this leak was deliberately made to show a US, Russian military alliance in the Middle East. This is happening as Germany withdraws its troops from Turkish airbases and stops selling arms to Turkey. Remember, Turkey has the largest army in the NATO alliance after the US. Turkey’s strongman Recep Erdogan has been flipping and flopping back and forth between Russia and NATO depending on who seems stronger. Remember it was not that long ago that Erdogan asked for NATO help after his armed forces shot down a Russian fighter jet. Now he seems to be working with Russia and the US military against NATO.

We also see the Serbians asking for Russian missile defense systems to “defend against NATO aggression.”

Remember also how US President Donald Trump was calling Germany “very bad” and became the first US president in NATO’s history to not mention the article 5 mutual defense clause in the NATO treaty. Pentagon sources have long told this writer about how much they enjoy sinking submarines sold to Israel by the Germans. Now they say the Germans are being blocked from a plan to sell 3 more submarines to Israel. Also, the Germans lost out to the French company DCNS on a contract to sell 12 submarines to the Australians, Pentagon sources say.

So now we see Germany, Israel and Saudi Arabia all in the crosshairs together. What do these countries have in common? They are controlled by Khazarian mafia bloodline families, including the old Roman families who control the P2 Freemason lodge.

Remember also how at the last G20 meeting Pope Francis was, together with German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, leading the chorus for the Paris accords, while Trump opposed it. The Paris Accords are really an attempt by the bloodline families to appear as gentle sheeple herders in order to stay in power and create a world government controlled by them. So, opposition to the Paris accords by Trump is really gnostic illuminati opposition to continued bloodline rule. The gnostic illuminati claim they have fought against bloodline rule for thousands of years and take credit for the French, US and Russian revolutions. Their leaders say they are now pushing for a world revolution against bloodline rule.

Thus, what we are seeing reflected in recent news is a continuation of a civil war in the West with countries still controlled by Khazarian bloodline families (Saudi Arabia, Germany, Israel) being attacked by those no longer under their control (the US, Russia, Iran etc.). France is also being pulled out of its alliance with Germany which is why the Daesh supporting top French general Pierre de Villiers was fired, Pentagon sources say. Clearly the tide is turning against the bloodline controlled countries.

Inside the US, the neocon Khazarian servants had a huge loss as Trump was forced to renew a deal with Iran despite his previous posturing against that country. The purge of bloodline servants also continues with warmongering Senator and Daesh (ISIS) founder John McCain getting malignant brain cancer. He joins George Soros, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Clintons and many others in the garbage can of history.

The bloodlines are fighting back against this ongoing purge with their “Russia did it” campaign. Thus, last week Susan Rice, former President Barack Obama’s security adviser, was giving secret testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on “Russian interference” in the US election. “Russian interference,” is a Khazarian bloodline family code name for the gnostic Illuminati. Now their pet politicians in Congress (who are supported by less than 10% of the US population) are trying to place a new set of sanctions against Russia that are tantamount to a declaration of war. Of course the US military will ignore these bribed actors but what they really should be doing is rounding them up and putting them in jail. And jail is what they deserve.

If you want to know just how corrupt the Western power structure is, I highly recommend you listen to this 37 minute interview with Tony Gambino, former top boss of the Gambino crime family.

The bloodline families think they are doing God’s work by forcing Islam and Christianity to mix and merge so that they can unify monotheism, according to various P2 officials I have interviewed. They also want to create Eurabia, ruled from Jerusalem, as a step on their road to creating a fascist world government.

Their plan is now unravelling in Asia as well as in Europe. In Japan, the Tokyo Electric Power Company has sent yet another robot into the Fukushima reactors only to have them once again find nothing. That is because the official story of a reactor melt-down is a lie. The reactors were blown up by atomic bombs placed there by the Israeli company Magna BSP. This is going to be public knowledge soon because the CIA and the Pentagon have decided to expose Fukushima for the P2 directed mass murder attack that it was, according to CIA sources in Asia.

Asian secret society bosses say they agree with the Pentagon on this and will go to war if necessary early next year to remove the Khazarian influence from Japan and the Korean peninsula. The Japanese underworld are also planning a revolution against the slave regime of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this autumn, several right wing sources say.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 24, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 24 2017

Compiled 12:08 am EDT 24 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Judy Note: I did not summarize info posted on the Treasury Debit Accounts (TDA). Some feel the TDAs are real and have used their personal TDA account to pay debts, while others claim using your TDA account right now was a Cabal trick to obtain your personal information including Social Security number. Still others say you would be able to use your TDA account without problem some time next week.

A. July 23 2017 6:51 am EDT Intel Notes Yosef: "Intel Notes from RTC with Yosef 7/22/17" by Ruby - 7.23.17

1. The 800 numbers were expected some time Sun. July 23.

2. He discussed the importance of a scripture about not to be anxious doing this work. God will have your back because this is your mission, so turn to Him. The Mormons call this “Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.”

B. July 23 2017 1:05 pm EDT GCR Prediction: "Stacked" - GCR/RV Prediction - Sunday - July 23, 2017

1. The events of the past week have been so lovingly prepared for our blessing they are literally stacked too high to see in full view, let alone specify in any silly SITREP.

2. Just know all is complete. There is nothing left to check off and no fight left in all earthly adversaries of peace and prosperity.

3. We are going from nothing to everything, overnight.

4. The blessing we pray releases later tonight July 23-24.

5. We are Human Angels incarnate. We are. Christ's Economic Missionaries. We are His Living Representatives of love's way, truth and light. Sobeit. God is with us.

C. July 23 2017 ZAP Report: "Beautiful Day" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 7.23.17

1. Negotiations were concluded and they worked out details of what is to come. The Cabal will be allowed to survive, but without their previous power.

2. The Chinese want to see the USD be strong. It is in the best interest of our humanity.

3. The various armed forces and agencies are doing a massive job during these times of change to ensure this changeover is done with as little fuss as possible. There are casualties as in any war of such magnitude (not reported though).

4. I can see the path clear for project starts within the next weeks as the firstfunds flow.

5. My travels are about to begin and meet with the foundation people. This is a very significant meeting in China and some changes will start right away.

6. My counterparts will also be there to sign off on their organizations and begin their portion of the work ahead.

Updates for the last 7 days:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 23, 2017
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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 17, 2017

"Re: Judge Anna" by Lucinda Dionysius - 7.24.17

Entry Submitted by Lucinda Dionysius at 1:32 AM EDT on July 24, 2017

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Sun. Evening - 7.23.17

Judge Anna has stated clearly in her posts that Satanic child sacrifice does not exist. Not surprising coming from someone who has close connections to the Vatican.

Anna cannot be working for humanity if she does not acknowledge the cruelty, torture and murder by ritual sacrifice of our precious children. There is more than substantial evidence proving that hundreds of thousands of children are (were) sacrificed every year. This is a big industry. It goes further than just Earth. The parasites must have the pure blood essence of small children to survive.

People think it's all about gold...getting and hoarding all the gold. No! The parasites want our children! It is all about buying and selling children. All of galactic commerce is centered on this one objective.

Anna, I love you. You are a beautiful God-spark human being. You belong with us humans. The parasites are using you to do their bidding. Earthlings are your true family. We love you and want you to be on our side.

I love you all.

Choose Team Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

"Shake and Bake" by The Happily Ever After Agency - 7.24.17

Entry Submitted by The Happily Ever After Agency at 1:11 PM EDT on July 24, 2017

Hello Most Amazing Members Of The Family Of Light .....

I Pray Tonight is Our Night Everybody, As Its Been A Long And Twisted Road To Get To This Very

Moment In Time .. We Taken Some Bashing, and Indeed Some Character Building Along The Way ...

But None The Less Here We Are .....

" Adversity Is Ali "

But There Comes A Point Where You Have Slept With Adversity Over and Over , You Have Even Invited A Few Of Her Friends Around To Join In Some Nights , Adversity Is Having Your Love Child Now ....

Ok I Digress , But Point Being Is I See The WORLD Differently Now and What Used To Scare Me , Is Actually A Friend Of Mine Now .....

It Was All Ways An Aspect Of Me But I Failed To ,Realize It ...

Sisters and Brothers Of The Family Of Light , We Have Been Forged In The Fires Of Earth ....


We Created This Game and We Shall End It , In Style , I Do Believe There Will Be Points For Style ....

So Do I Feel Like I Need A Holiday Right Now , Fuck Yeh [ Apparently You Cant Use The Word Fuck ] , The Headaches , Flu Like Symptoms , Aches and Pains , Ringing Of The Ears and Mood Swings From LOVE To HULK SMASH , Have Served There Purpose .....

So Brothers and Sisters I Invite You To Join Me On The Beach , To Have A Nervous Breakdown For A Few Minutes and Then ....

To Party Like Its 1999 ....

So Right Now Its A Bit Like .....

But Soon Very Soon , It Will Be Like ...

I JOKE About The Money , But Man Oh Man You Can Bet Your Hairy Canary , It Will Be A HUGE Relief ...

I AM So Over Being Stressed About The Money Thing ....

Sooooooo Last Season .....

We Are Gonna Change THE WORLD With This Money ........

So My Wonderful Family , Its Time To " Shake And Bake " , Lets Get This Party Started .........

I Really Hope This Is It Gals and Guys ....



Your Loving Brother


Seriously Though , While You All Stare At The INSANELY Hot Chick ...

I Call Shotgun On A Light Chamber , Again ....

Ps : Heisenberg , There Will Be A Police Sketch Of What We Think You Look Like From Your Description , Above The Bar ... 9 Foot Tall , Wears Razor Mesh as Jewelry and A Tongue That Could Set The Sun On Fire .... We Only Let Instigators and Anarchists In Bro , Welcome To The Family .... I Worked With Enough Irish Boys In London For Many Years , I Think I Will Have To Import The Guinness From Ireland As They All Say Its All About The Irish Water They Use To Make It .... Proper ...

Pss : Your Money Is No Good In Paddy's ..... Family is Family ....

0010110 0010110 0010110

Psss: How Crazy Hot Is She ........


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