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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug. 17, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 17 2017 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 17 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hong Kong's New Darling, the Yuan

The Yuan Is Hong Kong's New Darling

August 16, 2017
  • Chinese currency is near a one-year high against local dollar
  • Investors are switching to higher yielding yuan, ING’s Pang
The big ball of money in Hong Kong is rolling to the yuan, and the local dollar is suffering. After years of underperforming, the offshore yuan is near its highest level versus the city’s currency in more than 12 months.

Yuan deposits in the former British colony have stabilized after halving in the past two years, while buying mainland bonds is more lucrative: benchmark 10-year China government debt yields more than twice as much as its counterpart in Hong Kong.

“The market is trying to look for opportunities for carry using yuan as the long currency because of its higher yield compared to Hong Kong dollar or U.S. dollar products provided in the city,” said Iris Pang, an economist at ING Groep NV.

If the yuan’s advance continues, there will be “a lot of such carry activities” across the border in the coming year, she said.

​The yuan has climbed 5.3 percent against the Hong Kong dollar in 2017 following a 13 percent slide over the last three years.

The city’s currency has been weighed by a wider interest-rate discount to that of the U.S. dollar, and it’s down nearly 1 percent against the greenback year-to-date, passing the mid point of its HK$7.75-HK$7.85 trading band. The Philippine peso is the only other major Asian currency to weaken against the greenback in that period.

The Hong Kong dollar was down 0.14 percent at HK$1.1710 per offshore yuan as of 10:20 a.m. local time Thursday.

Lenders in Hong Kong may have sold up to HK$112 billion ($14 billion) of the local currency into U.S. dollars and converted that into yuan in the first four months of 2017, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Hong Kong banks are deploying most of their yuan funds as loans, Ronald Man, a North Asia rates and foreign-exchange strategist at BofAML, wrote in a note.

If they continue to sell the local currency, money market rates will remain elevated, forward points will turn more negative and the spot exchange rate will come under further pressure, he said. Man expects the Hong Kong dollar to end this year at HK$7.83 compared with HK$7.82 now.

​Even the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s plan to issue extra bills, a move that would drain liquidity, is unlikely to reverse the exchange rate’s depreciation, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

News of the plan on Aug. 9 sent the Hong Kong dollar up the most since January 2016 after it neared a 10-year low against the U.S. dollar the previous day, but it has dropped back since.

Here’s a look at the HKMA’s options as the currency weakens.

Party Starting

The onshore Chinese currency’s Sharpe ratio -- a measure of returns adjusted for price swings -- against the Hong Kong dollar was 7 in the past three months, the highest among Asian exchange rates.

The offshore yuan’s ratio was 4.7, the third highest, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. This suggests the yuan offers the some of the best carry trade opportunities against the Hong Kong exchange rate in Asia.

Another lure for investors to switch to the yuan is the chance of buying onshore assets, a process helped by China’s new bond-trading link with Hong Kong. The yield on 10-year Chinese government bonds is at 3.63 percent, compared with 1.61 percent on Hong Kong debt of the same tenor.

“This type of yield arbitrage is in play right now, and it’s very favorable for flows to go that way -- to bonds, yuan and even some of the undervalued equity plays,” said Stephen Innes, a senior currency trader at Oanda Corp.

​He said the switch is being made by a mix of regional high net worth clients, and home-office and smaller institutional clients. “The market is going to be so much larger on the mainland -- the party only has started.”

Source: Bloomberg

Dunford Stresses Diplomacy, Talks of Sanctions with China for N. Korea

The final moments of the Cabal are in play. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Dunford Stresses Diplomacy, Sanctions for North Korea in Talks With Chinese

By Jim Garamone
DoD News, Defense Media Activity

SHENYANG, China, Aug. 16, 2017 — U.S. and Chinese defense officials are pulling no punches as they discuss issues of concern to both countries, including the problem posed by a nuclear-armed North Korea, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said here today.

Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, observes an attack exercise by Chinese troops at a Chinese army base in Shenyang, China, Aug. 16, 2017. DoD photo by Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Dominique A. Pineiro

Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford said meetings with his Chinese counterpart, Army Gen. Fang Fenghui, have been interesting and candid. The chairman spoke to reporters after observing a Chinese infantry unit demonstrate combined arms maneuvers at the Northern Theater Command's Haicheng Camp. The Northern Theater Command is the Chinese unified command nearest North Korea.

The chairman said much of the discussions with Chinese officials have concerned North Korea. Dunford said he discussed the U.S. approach to the North, which is based on diplomatic and economic pressure. "I also addressed the fact that we were developing military options in the event that the diplomatic and economic pressure failed," he said.

The U.S. wants North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to agree to denuclearize his country and stop his rocket testing. That is the preferable end state, the chairman said, and he told the Chinese military leaders that. "But we needed to seriously have a conversation about what might happen if there was military action," the chairman said.

Dunford said the U.S. was pleased with the recent vote in the United Nations Security Council, which unanimously passed a resolution sanctioning North Korea for its nuclear and rocket programs. China, North Korea’s only ally and a United Nations veto power, voted in support of the measure.

"We believe that if China enforces those sanctions -- if the international community enforces those sanctions -- that can set the conditions to move forward toward denuclearization," the general said. "It’s an important step."

The chairman also told Chinese officials that President Donald J. Trump expects the chairman to have credible military options in the event the diplomatic and economic pressure fails to achieve denuclearization.

"My message in Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo has been [that] the time to have some initial conversations about what a contingency on the Korean Peninsula would look like is before the contingency occurs," he said. "It would also be helpful for us to have effective communications mechanisms in place, so in the event of a crisis, we can immediately speak to each other and avoid miscalculation and a deepening crisis."

During Dunford's visit, he and Fang signed an agreement to increase operational communication between the U.S. and Chinese militaries and mitigate the risk of miscalculation. "It’s an encouraging step," the chairman said.. "We haven’t had something like that before. It is a framework for us to have a conversation."

The Joint Staff’s director of strategy and policy, Army Lt. Gen. Richard Clarke, will lead the American side of the discussions and the first meeting is scheduled to be in November in Washington.

The dialogue will be most important in lessening the chances of misunderstanding or miscalculation between the two nations, Dunford said.

Source: Defense

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Zimbabwe Dollar

The Zimbabwe dollar

August 16, 2017

Morris Mpala, MoB Capital Ltd
THE year 1980 was a very good year indeed, not only for political reasons, but economic reasons as the Zimbabwe dollar was very strong against major currencies, even way stronger than regional currencies.

Fast forward 2008, the local currency had devalued to unacceptable levels and was less of a legal tender within and without Zimbabwean borders until the day it was demonetised as legal tender.

With its demise came loss of value to the populace from shares, life policies, money in bank accounts, savings, investments among others and there was confusion as to the valuation of Zimbabwean assets in general.

Then 2009 enter multi-currency regime after the population was no longer using the local currency to transact. Other currencies became official legal tender but US dollar being dominant due to it being a stable currency.

It is always ideal to have, as a country, our own currency to define our financial sovereignty and financial territorial integrity.

That is how things work and should be nothing political about it, it is economics at play.

Our own currency gives financial autonomy and allows monetary authorities to play a part in our economical initiatives through necessary monetary policy interventions.

Suffice to say most challenges are down to structural underlying fundamentals such that currency has nothing to do with it. It’s the culture of the people that determines the value of the respective currency.

Due to economical challenges that ravaged the economy, we lost our Zimbabwe dollar to multi-currencies and with it came some relief and challenges at the same time.

Advantages of multi currency regime

- It brought in stability on prices relative to yester year era.
- Easily accepted across any transactional deals
- Returns from an external point of view are generous
- Encouraged investments into the country
- Ushered in business confidence and some form of revenues and some extent profitability
- Arrested Zimbabwe’s number one enemy: inflation

Disadvantages of multi-currency regime

- It’s a scarce resource
- Rural awareness cumbersome
- The central Bank cannot intervene with monetary instruments
- Hard currency shortages

It’s an “illegal” maneuver given there is no permission from the respective central banks authorities to use their currencies as currency has ownership.

- Encouraged externalisations (both legal and otherwise) of currencies to the detriment of cash circulation in the country.
- Creates arbitrages between currencies, countries
- Exports are affected due to stronger currency use
- Economic vultures (with no economic value to local landscape) will circle for the kill as an easy source of hard currency

Disadvantages of Zimbabwe dollar

- Highly inflationary currency due to lack of production
- Lack of confidence and trust in the Zimbabwe dollar
- Unstable as a store of value

Advantages of Zimbabwe dollar

- Relative Exports competitiveness
- Reasonable cost structures
- Central bank interventions is possible and to a very large extent fully applicable.
- It’s a morale booster and strikes ego, pride of its citizenry

When to bring back Zimbabwe dollar

Bond note by virtue of its utility is not Zimbabwean dollar but a monetary tool to alleviate financial challenges in the sector.

It has been used to try to aid exports earning power but it is not the silver bullet of the challenges experienced.

In addition it has the effect to arrest externalisations while increasing ‘currency’ circulation in the country.

Main areas that need to be attained before return of Zimbabwe dollar.

Some crucial fundamentals that need addressing before we can even entertain the thought of bringing our much needed own currency.

1. Sustainable foreign exchange reserves. One year import cover.
2. Sustainable Government budget which is the bed rock for a conducive environment
3. Demonstrable consumer and business confidence. This culminates into the much needed trust between stakeholders
4. Health of the job market which measures the employment ratio
5. Industry capacity utilisation of above 75 percent which has an indication on gross domestic product and productive vibrancy of the country

The buzz word is sustained business maneuvers or initiatives otherwise bringing back Zimbabwe dollar will be an exercise in futility as it will go the same way as the previous local currency and memories are still fresh for that to happen.

All the other issues like design, name of the local currency etc are just cosmetic and of no consequence to the grand scheme of things.

Above all a great business culture is fertile ground for the above.

These have been discussed on many forums so no need to repeat them on today’s discussion.

In addition the Zimbabwean dollar can be brought in (after satisfying the above) to run concurrently with other multi-currencies. It’s has worked in some countries.

For now let’s increase our willingness to do things right in addressing the underlying fundamentals.

This is a Zimbabwean challenge and only Zimbabweans can make Zimbabwe great again.

No solution can come outside Zimbabwe.

It’s now or never.

It’s do or die. We need to change our business culture or perish.

It’s a perceived accolade in that you are not judging yourself in the field.


Morris Mpala is the managing director of MoB Capital Limited, a Bulawayo headquartered micro-finance institution with footprint across the country.

Source: Chronicle

Outlawz CC OkieOilMan Intel Highlights 8-16-17

Highlights from OkieOilMan on a Conference call, Wednesday August 16, 2017

Okie: Hello America, ships at sea and all our world wide friends….

I’m very pleased to be here…It’s been quite a ride for all of us…

If we were cowboys we would all have saddle sores.

Prayerfully, things have finally come to where we can have something to look forward to….

I have some information tonight I wish to furnish from second from the top individual….and I am only furnishing the information I receive… I do not guarantee it’s contents but I’ll share with you what I’ve been told.

I have been told that our rv will occur from 6 pm tonight til 9 am in the morning. That will be the official time it will start.

So I think, in a nutshell this is what we all wanted to hear. But in a very brief method

We’ve all heard all the speculation and conjecture,innuendo and gossip, and everything we all can stand so I choose to cut to the chase, say all that’s necessary and let it go at that.

Well, that is what I am getting from just a little while ago and it comes from a very good source.

I can’t guarantee anything but it sounds wonderful to me and I’m looking forward to it, expecting it, anticipating it and believing it. So that’s it in a nutshell.

I am assuming this is eastern time but they did not specify.but before everything I had been told is east coast time.

I really believe this time that the information furnished is correct for a change. We’ve been led down this rabbit hole so many times that I don’t believe anybody anymore and I’m not from Missouri, the “Show Me State” but I stopped listening…show me – don’t tell me..enough with the labor- show me the baby.

I got in this in the latter part of 2003 and I was one of the very first that got into this….and the dinar that I had originally purchased was from Ali at DinarTrade. For the first 30 days Ali was on ebay and then he came out and opened his own site up and I got to where I talked to him two or three times a week.

He did not have enough customers and he would talk to you 30 minutes at a time….a very cordial gentleman…he’s always shot straight with me.

One time in 2003, I asked Ali, “How long do you think this will take to come to fruition, “ and he said “ Oh my goodness, 6 or 7 years. “ And I thought “Aw boloney- it wont take that long” Well, I am now in my 14th year!

I’m trying to figure out if was patient, or stupid or patiently stupid but, I’m still involved with it.

I’m glad to furnish this information but bear in mind that this information was furnished to me –it did not originate from me, and it came from the second from the top is where it originated so I am assuming it is legit info.

Thank you all and I really appreciate the prayers that have been offered on my behalf during my recent brain concussion


Q: If everything is starting as of 6 tonight, what would I as a Zim holder need to know at this point?

Okie: The official RV, I was told starts at 6pm tonight until 9 in the morning….as far as being a zim holder, when you call in and make your apt you be sure to say you hold Zim BONDS and that you have currency to EXCHANGE . Make sure you are definitive.

Q: : Will we be taxed on the zim?

Okie: I can’t answer that.

Q: Will we exchange into gold backed currency ….getting off of fiat currency?

Okie: Its my understanding our gold backed dollar is already in effect…I’ve not seen it, but I understand its already in effect …the world trade has been accomplished lately with gold-backed dollars….let that be an indicator.

Let me say this…if you have a dollar bill in your billfold thats fiat money, and you have a dollar bill that’s gold backed that you can’t have yet…well they are both worth a dollar. So those of with fiat money will have a period of time to exchange that. All of our currency in circulation in the world is fiat and they will be trying to pull in as I understand it

And that’s a good deal for one particular reason that I can think of…one reason the US stopped printing 100,000, 50,000, 20,000, 10,000 dollar bills is because drug dealers/criminals could leave the Us with millions of dollars in just a briefcase….so our government made the $100 bill the largest bill and now if drug dealers now have to send money out of the US on pallets. These Columbia and Guatamalan drug lords have all these pallets of US fiat currency and they will never be able to exchange now and the US will never have to redeem the vast amount of currency on pallets world-wide because they can’t prove where it came from……they may have to just burn it for paper…

For us though – a dollar is still going to be a dollar whether its fiat or gold backed you can go down to the 7-11 and buy yourself a slushie….and we will have adequate time to exchange them…

Q: Confused about 800 numbers..worried about the cabal.

Okie: If you dial the 800 number and follow the instructions explicitly the cabal will not be camping on your doorstep to get your phone number. There is a lot of paranoia right now as people are not knowing exactly what to do. And worry about the finite details….they are paranoid…and lookind for something that does not or may not exist.

Q: Okie- will they take zeros off the zim?

Okie: to the best of my knowledge..the IMF has made a statement that they would not that’s the last I heard and what I hear and what I know for sure are two different things. But I understand that is against the IMF’s protocal of doing things.

Closing statement:

Okie: I think the people should be very optimistic tonight and very excited about the possibility of what has been furnished to us for tonight and in the morning. So let’s all hope and pray that the info furnished to us tonight was correct because we’ve been led down this path so many times before and its hard to believe the truth when we hear it.

I’m just an old-timer that has a little experience and with that I’ll say good night and God Bless to all of you.

Source: Dinar Recaps

The Clarion Call Replay w/ Yosef, Showme 8-16-17

The Clarion Calls

"Human Angels Healing the Soul of the World"


Show #8
Title: "Togatherness"
Date: Wednesday, August 16th

Replay Link:

12 Critical Events to Happen Over a 40 Day Period from August 21st



We are about to witness an extremely unusual convergence of events that many believe could represent a major turning point for our nation. By now you have probably heard that on August 21st a total solar eclipse will move across the entire continental United States for the first time in decades. In fact, we have not seen a total solar eclipse cross from the west coast to the east coast in 99 years. And it will be the very first total solar eclipse that is only visible in this country since the United States first became a nation. Starting with that event, there is going to be a whole lot going on until we reach the end of September. The following are 12 critical events that are going to happen over a 40 day period from August 21st to September 30th…

August 21 – The “Great American Eclipse” will sweep across portions of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Seven years later, another very unusual total solar eclipse will move across our nation, and when you plot the paths of both eclipses on a map, they form a giant “X” right over the center of the United States.

August 23 – A FEMA exercise known as “EarthEX2017” will simulate “catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks”

An exercise sponsored by FEMA and the U.S. Department of Energy set to take place on August 23 called EarthEX2017 will wargame responses to catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks.

The exercise will simulate a “subcontinent-scale, long duration power outage, with cascading failures of all other infrastructures,” according to the official Earth Ex website.

“Black sky events” are defined as, “Catastrophic occurrences caused by man or nature that bring society to its knees.”

September 1 – This marks the start of FEMA’s annual “National Preparedness Month“.

September 1 – The U.S. State Department’s ban on U.S. citizens traveling into North Korea goes into effect. Many are concerned that this is yet another sign that we are moving toward war with North Korea.

September 11 – This will be the 16th anniversary of 9/11.

September 20 – Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset.

September 21 – The UN International Day Of Peace

September 23 – This is the date of what has become known as “the Revelation 12 sign”. If you are not familiar with this alignment yet, the following is a very brief summary

On September 23rd a unique astronomical alignment of the Sun, Moon, constellation Virgo, constellation Leo, and planets Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus is going to fulfill this passage from the book of Revelation:

And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth.

September 24 – Very important national elections will be held in Germany.

September 29 – Yom Kippur begins at sunset, and it concludes on September 30th. Of course September 30th will be the end of a 40 day period that began back on the day of the Great American Eclipse on August 21st.

September 29 – U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says that the debt ceiling will be breached on this day if Congress does not raise it by then.

September 30 – If Congress does not pass a budget by the end of this day, there will be a government shutdown just like we witnessed in 2013.

On top of everything else, the month of September is when the Federal Reserve is scheduled to begin unwinding their 4.5 trillion dollar balance sheet

The other big market force that could ruffle markets is clearly the Fed, which is expected to begin the untested task of unwinding its $4.5 trillion balance sheet in September.

In addition, it is very interesting to note that a large asteroid will come within 4,200 miles of our planet on October 12th…

The asteroid has not been seen since its 2012 discovery, when it sped past Earth at about one-fourth the distance from Earth to the moon. It’s been too distant and too faint to be detected over the last five years. As it starts to approach Earth this summer, large telescopes will be used to detect it and re-establish the asteroid’s precise trajectory.

The asteroid, known as 2012 TC4, could come as close as 4,200 miles to Earth, NASA said. That’s actually fairly close, when you consider that the moon is about 239,000 miles away.

So what does all of this mean?

I don’t know, but I am sure that I will receive even more criticism for putting this list together. Those of us that monitor global events and warn about where things are headed are often highly criticized. But in this day and age, we desperately need independent thinkers that are willing to challenge the system. Way too often people just go with the herd and will believe whatever the mainstream media tells them to think.

Never let someone else do your thinking for you. Investigate things for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Learning to think critically is one of the most important skills that you can have, and you will find that it is one of the most common traits among those that are truly “awake” to what is going on in the world.

The truth is out there, and if you diligently seek it you will eventually find it.

Source: The Daily Sheeple

-- Submitted by Jeff

TDA Update: Email from Heather to Denice 8-16-17

Update 8.16.17 Email from Heather to Denice.

From Heather: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The federal reserve bank, i love them…all reversals are being reversed immediately…the fed res knows (rather they just found out) if the fed res doesn’t reverse the reversals, the fed res gets locked out of all the systems globally and the systems self-power, self-automate, self-facilitate, self-validate, and self-correct (reversals of the reversals) per the orders of each Original Depository.

Guess what the primary standing order was from this Original Depository? See above…LOL

Honey, I will share with all the amazing work and the powerful universal beings that are doing within the prison systems…it is beyond AMAZING…and all are beyond happy and joyous that this money-monster is in its final moments. My “inmate number” ends in “007″, LOL!!!!!!!!

Details on the global massive “prison-doing”, later.

Please amplify my tones of love and gratitude…

Love to Allllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denice on 8/16/2017 4:51 PM wrote:

Lots of love flowing your way! let me know what you need me to research and I can paste it here. I cannot imagine how it is there.. . .you have my complete admiration!

There are so many folks waking up quickly. . .every video is now getting over 10K views over the week.

There have been a few ‘reversals’ of the reversals. S had two yesterday

Lots and lots of love!

I saw -007 and thought. . .hmmm. . .kinda cool!


Please share with missy, my dad, youssef, lisa, and everyone the data i gave you about reversals being reversed

not much longer, honey, before all is unfettered access and facilitation forevermore.

love you
love all



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